Truck Engine



Device to reduce fuel consumption in trucks and power generators

More efficient engines, less environmental impact.

The Ultimate Cell – Truck Engine (UCTE) is a pioneer device installed in trucks, buses, vans and tractors, delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 5% and reductions in harmful gas emission by up to 80% and power generators, delivering fuel consumption reductions of over 15%.

With this product, the engine’s performance develops to a quieter and smoother status. And due to an increase in torque, it provides a more comfortable ride and less use of the gearbox.


This technology optimizes the internal combustion engines of

Diesel Fuel Gasoline Fuel Ethanol Fuel LPG Fuel

This innovative smart system optimizes the internal combustion engines of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, ethanol and LPG fuels, adequate with all types, makes and models of trucks currently available in the market.

Installation and Refill

Ultimate Cell – Trucks and Power Generators division is equipment that ensures continuous operation for 15-18K miles or 1500 hours. However, for safety reasons, it must be installed and recharged by professionals duly certified by the brand.


This technology and its Chemical formulas underwent through strict and uncompromising tests by national and international highly referenced entities, and has achieved multiple certifications. With its patent insured for €10-million euros.

2-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee on purchases for further peace of mind