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The technology that optimizes the internal combustion engines and reduces fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions.

With this innovative technology, the engine’s operation becomes quieter and smoother. The increase in torque provides a more comfortable ride and less use of the gearbox. This technology optimizes the internal combustion engines of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, ethanol and LPG fuels. And adequate for most major brands, makes and models.


Motor Vehicles

Ultimate Cell is compatible with vintage and modern cars alike. Adequate for most major brands and models. In automotive applications, Ultimate Cell ensures considerable fuel savings rates for a distance of up to 18,000 miles. Sequentially, it gets recharged repeatedly for further cycles of 15k-18k miles each.


Trucks, Logistic Transport and Generators

Ultimate Cell is an outstanding economical choice for trucks, buses, vans, and power generators, with engines in which fuel consumption can range from 30l/h to 100 l/h.


Boats and Marine

Ultimate Cell functions efficiently on a variety of boats. Especially small and medium-sized fishing and leisure boats. The Ultimate Cell unit comes fully supplied with an electrolyte of which can service 1500 hours of operation.


Machinery and Industrial transportation

Ultimate Cell is a leading solution for industrial machinery and commercial transport. Such as engineering equipment, trains, cargo ships, and passenger ships (ferries).


Hydrogen Production

Ultimate Cell currently has 3 projects under development in the production of Hydrogen which are strategic for energy management and transition, nowadays essential in any developed country policy.


Tested to rigorous and uncompromising standards of efficiency, quality, and safety

Ultimate Cell technology has gone through stringent quality, performance and safety testing by independent and highly reputable entities, both nationally and internationally. And has obtained various certifications.

Superior Technical Instituto (IST)

Welding and Quality Institute (ISQ)

Mobility & Land Transport Institute (IMT)

RoHS Compliance
by Bureau Veritas Hamburg

E-Mark Certificate
(No Hazardous Substances)

Lisbon City Municipal


How Does Ultimate Cell Work?

Ultimate Cell version 3.0 is a smart system. It is designed to produce hydrogen in response to driver throttle commands. The amount of hydrogen produced and injected into the engine, through its air inlet pipe, is constantly changing to best match the speed of the vehicle and its engine’s load.


Patented technology, covered by €10-million-euro product liability insurance.

The Ultimate Cell technical patent has international insurance coverage of €10-million-euro.

European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial